Hirschbach Driver Settlements

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What is the preferred method for scanning paperwork?


Q.  Where can I find the confirmation number when using the Hirschbach App?


Q.  What happens when I forget to scan a receipt?


Q.  I did a relay and passed the paperwork on to the next driver; do I need to scan anything?


Q.  Why isn't my direct deposit setup?


Q.     Do I need a trip sheet if I use the Hirschbach App?


Q.     Who do I call if I have a payroll issue?


Q.     Do I turn in repair receipts?


Q.     Do I need to scan all documents?


Q.     Who should I call if I didn't receive my layover pay or extra pay?


Q.     How will I know paperwork is received?


Q.     What is my cutoff for scanning paperwork?


Q.     My load isn't showing as pending but I scanned it on time?



Common Mistakes


Scanning in receipts on top of other documents, such as a bill of lading with a lumper receipt scanned on top of the bill of lading. All documents should be scanned separately.

Scanning loads in 2 or more times. Please only scan your paperwork in once.

Not turning in a trip sheet when you do a relay or another driver delivers the load.

Holding on to paperwork, paperwork should be scanned as you go. Do not wait until the last minute to try to get all your trips scanned before the cutoff.

You will need to scan in all bills of lading and other related documents for every load, not just the documents with a signature but all of the documents.

Do not scan a voided check with any app or at a truck stop. Your personal information is not secure. Voided checks should be faxed or mailed.