Scanning FAQ

Scanning FAQ

Scanning Paperwork - Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What is the preferred method for scanning paperwork?

  • Please use the Hirschbach app when scanning paperwork. Documents are received much quicker with the app versus truck stop scanning or Transflo app.


Q.  Where can I find the confirmation number when using the Hirschbach App?

  • Your load number is your confirmation number


Q.  What happens when I forget to scan a receipt?

  • Not to worry, this happens from time to time. You can rescan the receipt with the original trip sheet; there's no need to scan all the documents again, only the missed document with the trip sheet.


Q.  I did a relay and passed the paperwork on to the next driver; do I need to scan anything?

  • You will need to scan a trip sheet for every trip you are dispatched on. If you didn't deliver the load, you will likely not have any other paperwork, but a trip sheet will let payroll know to process your miles for pay.


Q.  Why isn't my direct deposit setup?

  • Company driver's direct deposit should start right away. If you are company and your direct deposit hasn't started please call us at 402-404-2184.
  • Lease drivers can take 2-3 weeks. We ask you try to transfer a small amount from your card to your bank and verify it's in your account, this can take a day or so, then give us a call when once you deposit is in your bank and we can do automatically every week or you can leave it as is and do it yourself every week.


Q.     Do I need a trip sheet if I use the Hirschbach App?

  • You always need to use a trip sheet whether you use the Hirschbach app, Transflo app or in the truck stop. We won't receive your paperwork if you don't scan a trips sheet with it.


Q.     Who do I call if I have a payroll issue?

  • Your driver manager can take care of the majority of your issues. You can also call settlements at 402-404-2184.


Q.     Do I turn in repair receipts?

  • You should scan all paperwork including repair receipts.


Q.     Do I need to scan all documents?

  • All BOL's and all receipts need to be scanned with every load not just the signed bill.


Q.     Who should I call if I didn't receive my layover pay or extra pay?

  • You will need to contact your driver manager for layover and extra pay.


Q.     How will I know paperwork is received?

  • You should receive a confirmation number after you scan your paperwork.


Q.     What is my cutoff for scanning paperwork?

  • Company drivers = midnight Monday
  • Lease drivers = midnight Tuesday


Q.     My load isn't showing as pending but I scanned it on time?

  • Payroll process loads up until leaving on Wednesday evening. Just because it doesn't show as pending does not mean it won't be paid. Please refrain from calling as the load is probably waiting to go through the payroll process.



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